I got back from Fest a few weeks ago! I have so much stuff to add and proper report to write, but it was awesome and one of the best times of my life.
By this point I have so much stuff to add to this site its going to take a serious session, but I’ll try and get it done soon, promise!

I’m moving house on Tuesday, get settled and update is the plan, as always!

My Instagram has some pictures and stuff on it from the trip, and general Ctts pics http://www.instagram.com/edamthebrit

Set list from the Fest, as best I remember right now (I’ve got it written down properly somewhere)

1. A Disclaimer to The Self
2. Spirit narrative
3. Crowquill
4. In the nervous light
5. Enter by the narrow gates
6. Scarlet Rising
7. Singing vengeance into being
8. Non objective portrait of karma