Discography Overview

Pre 2002 – Demo – Self-Released

Before the release through Hyperealist the band self-released their demo. Primarily on Cdr though there was also a version on cassette. There was a fairly wide range of packaging that came with the demo, the most common being a booklet with the lyrics in, or a one sheet giving information about upcoming shows and releases. The tracklising for the demo varies a little, usually between 5 and 6 tracks, and I’ve yet to notice any definite pattern to which version of the cd comes with which packaging.


2002 – Self Titled EP – Hyperrealist

This was a slightly changed up version of the Cdr Demo, leaving out the studio banter track but adding a demo for In the Nervous Light of Sunday, a track which would later feature on As the Roots Undo. Sections of lyrics from the booklet that came with some of the Cdr Demo’s were included in the insert.


2002/03 – Document #13 – Pyramids in Cloth, Split 7in with Pg.99 – Perpetual Motion Machine

A split with Pageninetynine, with each band having 2 tracks each. Had 4 pressings featuing various color vinyl as well as cover variations.


2004 – As the Roots Undo – Hyperrealist

First full length album (also currently the only full length album, but that’s set to change this year!) had multiple vinyl pressings as well as tour versions of both the vinyl and the cd


2004 – How to Destroy Yourself (Compilation 10in) – Monocore

In the Nervous Light of Sunday was featured on this compilation album, limited to 330 copies.


2011 – Live in Las Vegas – Self-Released

Cdr’s made by the band that come with color copies of the tour passes from that tour, 5 exist. They were sent out to people who pledged 20$ towards the Decompositions Pt1 Kickstarter.


2011 – Rites of Initiation EP (Decompositions Vol.I Chapter 1) – Gatepost Recordings

The first 4 tracks from the upcoming full length album were released in August 2011, originally digitally there were also physical copies made for the upcoming tours


2012 – Decompositions Vol. 1 – Gatepost Recordings

Album released digitally on December 21st 2012 and physically in April 2012, helped by a kickstarter campaign. Intially released over bandcamp as a ‘pay what you want’ digital download.


2014 – As The Roots Undo (Reissue)

Reissue of the 2004 album, comes in a gatefold sleeve with slighly updated artwork.