Live in Las Vegas 2007 – 2011 – Self Released


01. Ritual of Names (12:54)
02. Same Shade as Concrete (5:26)
03. Crowquill (3:50)
04. A Crater to Cough In (7:16)
05. Intro to Non Objective (3:09)
06. Non Objective Portrait of Karma (5:04)
07. Interview at the Ruins (7:15)

Cdr’s made by the band that come with color copies of the tour passes from that tour, 5 exist. They were sent out to people who pledged 20$ towards the Decompositions Pt1 Kickstarter.

Info from Kathy:
“Recorded live at Jillian’s in Las Vegas 11.14.2007
by Anthony Stubelek. The show was recorded from the console directly. The console was a Soundcraft Series two, the Vocal mics were Heil PR-20,
the drum mics were Audix D4 and D2 on toms, i5 on snare, Shure Beta 52 on kick. Guitar Mics were provided by the venue and were most likely Shure Sm-57.”