Decompositions: Volume 1 – First Press – 2012

1. Enter By the Narrow Gates (6:55)
2. Spirit Narrative (2:46)
3. Way of Ever-Branching Paths (8:57)
4. The Ancestral Other Side (4:27)
5. Prefaced By the Signal Fires (5:25)
6. A Closing Chapter (Scarlet Rising) (4:54)
7. Singing Vengeance Into Being (6:48)
8. Arrowheads As Epilogue (4.24)
9. North Star, Inverted (10.54)

Pressing Info:
200 ‘Solar/Lunar’ (Semi-Translucent Blue and Orange Vinyl)
300 ‘Hands in the Dirt’ (Marbled brown vinyl)
500 Black 180g vinyl

Catalogue Number:
Gatepost 003

Etched into the runout on each side:
A: Through Fevered Visions..
B: …Silence Devours it’s Own Tail
C: As It Is In My Blood…
D: …So It Is In The Night Sea

Dedicated to the Memory of Roy Collins, Donald Coppola, and Bobby Scandiffio