Category: Site Updates

Broken links and issues,

I’ve just noticed that basically nothing was working and all my links were giving 404 errors! eek!
Temporary fix is in place that should fix a lot of it, and I’ll work on fixing the rest as soon as I get the chance!

For now, if a link gives a 404, try doing a search for the page using the search thing at the top right. “Should” get you to the info you want!

—I think everything’s working again now! Hooray!

New Site!

So everything from the old site should be on here now. I’ll need to go through and double check everything, but at first glance it all looks good.
Next step is to get everything looking as good as possible!

I think my favorite new thing is having a search!

A November update

Just a quick one for now. The band just finished the cross pollination tour, hopefully I’ll be able to get some setlists from the shows up on the site.

Recently I was able to pick up the other version of the self titled EP. It was put out by the band a few years ago and has slightly different colouring on the disk. I’ll try and add information about it properly to the relevant page in the near future, but for now here’s a quick photo of the two versions side by side..


Also, I noticed someone’s uploaded the Exquisite Corpse DVD to YouTube. Its footage Kathy put together years ago of various awesome bands and it includes killer footage of Patchwork Neurology, Our Need To Bleed and Disclaimer to the Self. You can check it out here!

Updates Pt.II

Things are beginning to come together! Hopefully all the links are now working and the site is back up to how it should be!
I’ve also added in the announced tour dates for the rest of the year to the 2013 Tour pages, adding in the support acts where I could find them!